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Paul van Os, Sales & Marketing expert
I increase the commercial strength of your company or your department. The result of my work is growth. Growth in turnover and result, growth in customers but also personal growth. Concrete & simple.

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Pauwer Service 4

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There is a good idea, there is ambition, but no plan of attack yet. Conquer a place at thát table. That makes my heart beat faster. You can see this in a corporate environment, but also in SMEs & scale-ups. I sink my teeth into wild plans, big ideas or commercial issues that beg to be made concrete.

I will put your PAUWER ON!

I do my justice in assignments where 200 percent energy is needed. Then I quickly get to the core and make an impact. There is a framework within which a specific sales or marketing job must be completed. The conditions for success must be created under pressure. This requires expertise, determination and the urge to act. PAUWER.

In various roles for both multinationals (mostly health care) and SMEs I have learned the sales and marketing profession and sharpened it further and further. I dare to call myself an expert. Along the way, I developed a strong sense of honesty and loyalty. It has to feel good and it has to make sense, otherwise I won't do it. I work for market leaders or parties who want to lead. Not by copying, but innovating.

Pauwer operates from three strategic pillars

Pauwer Service 4

PAUWER Consultancy

Commercial business advice

Pauwer Service 2

Interim PAUWER

Commercial interim management

Pauwer Service 3

PAUWER your Project

Project management

Pauwer testimonials & User cases

Please have a look at my customers testimonials & user cases

PAUWER Consultancy


In recent years we have invested a lot in improving the service, but we are less good at including our relations in this. We needed a marketing and communication strategy and found a perfect partner in Paul. Paul is decisive, result-oriented and experiences him as a professional sparring partner with an eye for details and stakeholders.

Jurgen Quaars
General Manager, Midglas
PAUWER Consultancy

Dux Nova

Paul helped Dux Nova formulate our brand promise, by reading well / by (continuing to) ask sharp questions / expressing his feelings, a piece has been created that touches the core and reads well! Paul keeps his promises and ensures results. All this in a bold and pragmatic way. All in all, an excellent interpretation of this marketing assignment!

Jurgen Pauwels
owner, Dux Nova
Interim PAUWER

Glow Clinic Breda

Paul helped us with the strategy for the coming years. Based on our financial, marketing and sales performance, an analysis has been carried out and we have jointly drawn up an action plan for 2020 where the goal is to double the turnover. With clear priorities, a translation has been made into a monthly content calendar that we follow. We are now implementing this. Paul is sharp, analytical and can quickly read up and empathize with our company. His approach is pragmatic, immediately feasible for us in practice.

Kayo Hirano
Cosmetisch arts & eigenaar, Glow Clinic Breda
PAUWER your Project


Homecare, the extension of care from the hospital to the patient at home, is an important distribution channel for Danone Specialized Nutrition. The goal is to let patients, worldwide, come into contact with this as easily as possible. I asked Paul to translate our route-to-market model into a practical, readable and attractive guide.

Daniel Bink
Global Hospital & Homecare Lead, Danone
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