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Both. But the result is paramount. My preference is to make an appointment based on the result for a predetermined and fixed amount. We coordinate that result together and I work out how much time I spend on it. In my opinion, you will receive a transparent quotation and we both know where we stand.

You have a challenge. During our introduction we discuss what you need my help with. I try to get as clear as possible where you want to go. I elaborate this in a concise action plan and a quotation. I want that to be as clear as possible so that we both know where we stand.

If we find out that I cannot help you, then I am honest about that. Chances are I can match you with someone who can.

Important to me, there must be a click. 

If you are looking for someone who - solely - maintains current business for a specific period?

If you are looking for someone who - solely - says YES and only does what is ordered?

Please don't call me for this. 
I do things that are required of me, I can deal well with hierarchy and I do my best in equality and challenge.

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