PAUWER Consultancy

I help you to develop or sharpen your strategy in a pragmatic and useful way. No paper tigers, but ready-made solutions that can be implemented immediately, by yourself or together with me.

Specifically, simple and with an eye for results.

How does it work?

I guide and advise you on strategic issues ohgv sales , marketing and general business management viewed with a commercial eye . I do this at national but also at international level based on the philosophy of starting at the beginning and that a question on the surface can have an underlying, deeper cause.

Pauwer operates from a 3-stage rocket towards a solution

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The PAUWER Scan provides insight into current business performance and exposes the critical areas within your business process. What works and what doesn't work? Which nuts need to be cracked? Is there an elephant in the room? Where are the opportunities and threats and how can your organization respond to them? The result of the PAUWER Scan is a selection of business priorities that form the basis for the PAUWER Plan.

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The PAUWER Plan is the translation of the priorities into a strategic plan. What does success look like? How do we solve the pain points? Which resources (resource allocation) do we use to achieve maximum success? Together we look at how this fits within the strategic framework of your company or department. What is a plan without the organization being ready for change? This forms the basis for the next step, PAUWER Play

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PAUWER Play is the implementation phase. Time to implement what we have come up with. More importantly, we make sure to involve the people who are going to make this change. Everything depends on winning the hearts of the team and clarify what exactly will happen. The cycle ends with measuring the progress and the results, this in turn forms the basis for a PAUWER Scan, but now you do this yourself.


PAUWER Consultancy

PAUWER Consultancy


In recent years we have invested a lot in improving the service, but we are less good at including our relations in this. We needed a marketing and communication strategy and found a perfect partner in Paul. Paul is decisive, result-oriented and experiences him as a professional sparring partner with an eye for details and stakeholders.

Jurgen Quaars
General Manager, Midglas
PAUWER Consultancy

Dux Nova

Paul helped Dux Nova formulate our brand promise, by reading well / by (continuing to) ask sharp questions / expressing his feelings, a piece has been created that touches the core and reads well! Paul keeps his promises and ensures results. All this in a bold and pragmatic way. All in all, an excellent interpretation of this marketing assignment!

Jurgen Pauwels
owner, Dux Nova
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