I do not shy away from a challenge and I have an enormous drive to make an impact

I work solely on results. An agreed end result that we both support and go for. The temporary aspect of an assignment puts me in my strength, my PAUWER..

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About me

I am Paul van Os, husband of Thea, proud father of Pepijn. I love traveling, good food and the sea! I am a go-getter, have a healthy dose of guts and am very curious. I do not shy away from a challenge and have an enormous drive, a drive to make an impact. Both private and business.

My business strength lies in conceptual thinking that I translate into strategy & vision. In assignments I work systematically, I am positively stubborn and give a lot of energy, which I also ask back. Operate independently but I am diplomatic.

Have a coaching mindset and love to share my knowledge. I have a broad experience and interest. As a result, I have held various positions in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, healthcare nutrition, construction & infrastructure and insurance sector.


I started PAUWER because I want to do what I do best and where I can put my energy into! This is best reflected in a dynamic environment with a lot of variety. PAUWER saw the light of day in 2019.

The name PAUWER was quickly decided. I provide extra commercial strength, results and inspiration when it is desperately needed. The temporary aspect of an assignment puts me in my strength, my PAUWER, which I then fully place in my assignment. The goal is to bring extra PAUWER to your organization and to leave it.

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Duits & Spaans


My motto

Do what you do best, and you will succeed!

What offers PAUWER?

Pauwer operates from three strategic pillars

Pauwer Service 4

PAUWER Consultancy

Commercial business advice

Pauwer Service 2

Interim PAUWER

Commercial interim management

Pauwer Service 3

PAUWER your Project

Project management

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